Monday, April 19, 2010

Rosemarie Pilkington

Rosemarie Pilkington paid the Rhine Center a visit recently and it was a great experience. She was an engaging speaker and thoroughly entertaining from beginning to end. She provided us with a wealth of information on the history of "table tipping" and seances from ancient times to the present. Her attitude and approach to the matter was professional but also enthusiastic, you really got a feeling that this subject was something she enjoyed learning about and sharing with us.

The Friday night event was on her book and experiences with the Dr. Bindelof case, and Saturday's all-day workshop covered a wider historical review and different techniques and advances made in this area of study. We got to work with many of the media on Saturday and those experiences were a lot of fun. We tried our hands at table tipping, Ouija boards, and spoon-bending and there was a good bit of useless silverware when we were finished. Rosemarie opened our eyes to a lot of possibilities with her visit and I'm looking forward to future events like this one.
contributed by Benton Bogle

Friday, April 16, 2010

Remote Viewing Group Update - Judith Morse Teaches Meditation Skills

The remote viewing group was excited about our guest on Wednesday night. Judith Morse dropped by to teach us about Meditation. If you have done much remote viewing, or been to any of the workshops of folks like Joe McMoneagle or Russell Targ, you know regular meditation is something that can really benefit a remote viewer. Both skills require practice, patience, and learning to control your attention. The same skills that make a good meditator make a good remote viewer. So Judith described some of the important types of meditation, she walked us through what we would experience, and then she helped us do some meditation there at the meeting. Meditation is at the same time simple and very involved, and Judith did a great job of explaining the fundamental process and the great potential this simple skill provides.

We had a pretty good crowd there, and from the discussion after the meditation training, it was clear that Judith's teaching had a real impact. Most of us had some experience with Meditation in the past, to others it was new, but all the comments were positive, and we had a great conversation as a group on how to work with our attention, how to quiet some of the mental noise that interferes with Remote Viewing, and of course the many benefits of Meditation. Though this meeting was unusual for us, I can see that we will need to bring Judith back periodically because of the value these skills have for people serious about remote viewing. Like all of our meetings, it was fun to see people learning new things, sharing their exciting experiences, and leaving the meeting with a sense of adventure.

As promised, at our next meeting we will be doing an outbounder session, as one of our group will be vacationing in Peru and will act as our outbounder "sender". If you aren't familiar with Remote Viewing jargon, an outbounder session was one of the first types of Remote Viewing developed by the early SRI/Military researchers. It involves a sender/outbounder and viewer (in our case, viewers). The outbounder goes out to a location that the viewers have no knowledge of, and at a certain time, the viewers do a session to get information on the location/experience of the outbounder person at that time. Normally, the viewer would later visit the same location that was viewed, but its doubtful we will fly the entire group to Peru (translated: ain't gonna happen). But our outbounder will take lots of notes and photos, and present this data to us later for feedback. In any case, it should be a lot of fun.

We will be meeting on May 12th in the library of the Rhine Research Center at 7pm, do not be late.