Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Dr. Bob Van de Castle is my guest on 5/28 Twin Dreams
Guy Playfair on 6/4 Twin Telepathy.

The number of twin births has doubled in 20 years. More than 2 in every 100 persons is now a twin or multiple. The chances of living in close relationship with a twin are increasing rapidly. Designed for twins, want-to-be twins, parents, children, spouses, partners of twins and anyone who finds twins fascinating, this program will entertain and inform. Society has feared, revered, and sensationalized twinship. Twin Talk will uncover the truth about twins. Dr. Mercy will spotlight the latest science on learned vs. inherited traits, raising twins, understanding twins, living with twins, and twin loss. Our guests will be researchers, therapists, authors, twins themselves and you. We will discuss mental telepathy, premonition, and after life communication. Dr. Mercy and the twins can guarantee that you will adapt to the post modern world of facsimiles and identicality once you know ‘It’s a twin thing!’ Twin Talk airs live Fridays at 11 AM Eastern on World Talk Radio Variety
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