Thursday, November 18, 2010

Remote Viewing Group Update

The monthly meeting of the Remote Viewing group occurred on Wednesday the 17th, and we covered a lot of fascinating ground.

We have started setting aside some time in every meeting to share information that others in the group might benefit from. This includes discussing books, websites, movies, online education and videos, tweets, journal articles, experiments and even personal experiences related to PSI. Frankly, this sort of sharing was happening anyway and everyone got a lot out of it, so making it a planned part of the meetings made good sense, and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

After that, I talked a little about getting PSI info related to other senses beyond the viual stuff we usually focus on, and I brought along a page of the CRV manual showing an example of CRV Stage 2 paperwork where multi-sensory data is gathered, such as smells, sounds and tactile info in addition to visual data. You can read and/or download the CRV manual.

Then we did a remote viewing session with an odor as the target. This was an unusual challenge that proved to be quite an eye opener, if you'll excuse the play on words. It forced the viewers to approach data differently, and pointed out the limitations of one's olfactory vocabulary. Amidst a bit of head scratching, we got into a discussion of how we normally put into words sensory and/or intuitive information, and what this tells us about how we use the data we get, whether it is visual or from our other senses.

We did not leave the Rhine Center with all the answers, but we did leave there with some new and important questions. No doubt, by next meeting on December 15th we WILL have all the answers, so you will want to make sure to be there. If you have any questions or comments, or want to be on the group's mailing list, drop me a line at I look forward to hearing from you.
--Benton Bogle

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Psychic View

Show Date: Thursday November 4th, 2010
Psychic Access Talk Radio

Don't miss this week's show, anchored by Maureen, themed "Mind Over Matter" with special guest Dr. Sally Rhine Feather, founder of the Psychic Experience Group (PEG) at the Rhine Research Center and has over 30+ years experience as a clinical psychologist in mental health and psychiatric clinics as well as private practice in North Carolina and New Jersey.

As the eldest daughter of Dr. J.B Rhine, the "father of ESP research," Dr. Feather practically grew up at the Parapsychology Lab at Duke University, where her father's famous Zener ESP cards tests with selected Duke students led to “Extrasensory Perception” becoming a popular household word in America. She and her siblings served as test subjects in the earliest child ESP experiments conducted at the Lab. As a teenager, Dr. Feather's first job was serving as her father's assistant, rechecking experimental test data. She served as a research assistant both before and after college, meeting most of the well-known parapsychologists and various visiting dignitaries who came through the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory.
J B Rhine (Joseph Banks Rhine) is widely considered to be the "Father of Modern Parapsychology." Along with his wife Dr Louisa E. Rhine, Dr J B Rhine studied the phenomena now known as parapsychology at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. Dr. J B Rhine coined the term "extrasensory perception" (ESP) to describe the apparent ability of some people to acquire information without the use of the known (five) senses). He also adopted the term "parapsychology" to distinguish his interests from mainstream psychology. The lab became well known worldwide and served as a major training ground for researchers into extrasensory perception and psychokinesis using the quantitative experimental approach, including new testing techniques and methods of analyzing results statistically, making possible the comparison of results obtained under different laboratory conditions.

"Psychokinesis" (PK) was first studied in the early years of the Duke Parapsychology Lab when participants attempted to influence the outcome of falling dice by mental intention. Studies of PK have continued with more modern techniques at the Rhine Center and other laboratories around the world. However, except for the occasional poltergeist investigation, there has been little attention directed to PK experiences that occur spontaneously in everyday life.

The present study is designed to learn more about the broad general range of possible spontaneous PK experiences. In the current phase of this study, the focus is on those unexplained physical events that seem to occur specifically around the time of crisis, death or near-death. Typical reports collected include the falling or breaking of objects, unusual noises, unexplained behavior of animals, or the malfunctioning of electronic equipment that occur around the time of a crisis, near-death, or death of a family member or loved one. This show will bring insight based on science and above all support to individuals that have a story to tell.

Should Physicists Talk to Metaphysicists?

A video interview posted at, and thought you might be interested in the portion on quantum physics, in which I try to articulate grounds for physicists and serious metaphysical people to be able to talk.

Watch Video

--from Mitch Horowitz, author of Occult America

Mitch Horowitz will be presenting at the Rhine Center in April 2011.