Thursday, May 17, 2012

Remote Viewing Group

Amazing results from the Remote Viewing group that met last Wednesday night.  We had a good crowd, a few new faces and as usual everyone seemed to have a good time.  We certainly saw some impressive remote viewing, with 9 of the 12 viewers picking the right target, and 2 more folks getting clear information on the wrong target (psi-missing).  We did something a bit uncomfortable tonight, as if sitting around trying to be psychic isn't unusual enough, and the participants worked with the process pretty well.  We like to try new "techniques" of getting intuitive info, so at this meeting one of the group led us in a process where we did what the most famous of seers did, we uttered spontaneous poetry/song, in the manner of the Oracle of Delphi.  Now as you are sitting there reading this, you are welcome to try it yourself to see just how uncomfortable it is.  Then imagine doing this sitting across from another person you do not know very well or just met, and you can see that its no simple feat.  But the idea is that by free-associating or "thought streaming" in verse and/or music, you get around the conscious mind that is distracting you from the PSI data available related to the task, which in our cases was an unknown photo sealed in an envelope.  Honestly, I and others there did not find spontaneous singing something we could do.  I think it's going to take practice. 

People who know me will tell you that public displays of spontaneous art don't happen with me very often... uh.. never.  But the effort did educate me on how the brain processes spontaneous singing.  The music aspect seems to work with a different part of the brain than just the talking part, or the effort to create meter or rhyme, and the process is different still if its done just in one's  mind.  And just letting words flow out in rhythm is another experience as well.  Again, it's going to take repeated effort to make it effortless.

Another level of  difficulty which I touched on already is the comfort level between participants.  In my experience, working with a monitor who writes down my intuitively gathered information is much more successful if I am very comfortable with that person.  It really reduces the performance anxiety and lets me concentrate on the process and not on the social context stuff.  I was impressed with our high rate of correct sessions despite this. 

Our process was pretty typical.  We had our usual sitting around chatting, then formally started the group meeting by introducing ourselves and discussing Remote Viewing issues just to allow us more time getting used to talking with each other.  I am a strong believer that the interpersonal relationships are valuable for Remote Viewing, so I want to nurture that.  If you've attended our meetings and think I am just being slack when we sit around talking all over the place and not immediately "getting down to business" , its actually done intentionally.   Then we talked about how we were going to make like the Oracle of Delphi, and discussed our schedule for the session we were about to do, and they were given their task.  We broke up in pairs, so we could take turns writing down what the other person sang/versed in their session.  We took about 15 minutes per person, and they would write down the poetry they created spontaneously.  Then we got back together and I gave each person two sealed envelopes, each envelope contained a unique photograph.  They were to open up the envelopes and place the photos beside each other and compare the photos with their session data, then choose which photo they think was the target photo they were to get PSI information on.  While they were making this choice, I stood over in a far corner and flipped a coin to pick which of the 2 photos for each viewer was their tasked photo.  Then after they had decided on the photo they thought  was the target, I told them which one was actually their target photo, and 9 out of 12 had picked the correct photo.  There was a bit of high-fiving, and lots of discussion.  Yes, there are methodological problems with this process but I was primarily interested in the experience and education factor, not in proving anything or publishing our results. 

And it was an educational experience.  I invite you to our next meeting, and I encourage you to join the Rhine Research Center or make a donation to help real scientists doing real science, and to provide the opportunity for fun educational pursuits like ours to flourish.  The fact is that real, careful and thorough science like that done by the researchers at the RRC is by necessity and design slow going.  One of the many good things about our lay-person pursuits such as the Remote Viewing group is that we may reveal new variables for future consideration by the scientists.  Its accessible, its fun, and I hope you will give it a try.