Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lively Teleconferences at the Rhine!

This is to alert everyone all over the world that we are bringing you more and more opportunities to join us via teleconference for very little expense! On Wednesday from 12-1pm EST we had a lively discussion with Jeffrey Mishlove calling in from Nevada to discuss his fascinating book The PK Man with a local group of discussants and nonlocal listeners.

As one listener wrote afterwards, "This was really so much fun to sit at my kitchen counter in Wilmington and hear you, Peggie, Marie, and Christine, et al. sharing ideas and experiences. Made me homesick, actually. The teleconferencing works beautifully and I hope to enjoy many more meetings."

Next teleconferenced program: Friday, 11/20th from 7:30-9pm EST will be Circling the Cosmos on a Dream, with Judy B. Gardiner --see website for more details.

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