Thursday, August 25, 2011

August Remote Viewing News

August's Remote Viewing group meeting was unusually amazing.  One of the things that fascinates me is how, despite years of "unbelievable" experiences in my work with the Rhine Research Center, I continue to be surprised when something unexpected occurs.  You'd think I'd get used to it, but fortunately I don't, I still get impressed. Last night was one of those events. 

At our monthly meetings we try to  mix it up and experience the many facets of the Remote Viewing experience.  We do this by trying out various modes of intuitive information gatherings such as dowsing, or we practice different flavors of RV such as ERV, WRV, CRV, etc.  We also try different data gathering scenarios with outbounder targets, picture targets, experiential targets, multiple sensory targets, things like that.  In other words, each RV group meeting is a new experience and never boring, always educational and fun.  So last evening we decided to try again some Remote Viewing and analysis of our sessions. 

Analyzing information from viewers is a whole different kettle of fish from gathering the data, but it is just as essential, and some would argue much more important to the RV process than the raw data.  In doing the analysis of the information, it provides viewers with a new and useful perspective on the quality and value of the data they gather as remote viewers.  I also wanted us to have the chance to quantify our sessions, to be able to say "This data applies to that tasking", so we did sessions that did just that. 

We divided ourselves into groups of 3 members, and gave each of our groups a name.  Before the meeting I had put together some target sets, 4 envelopes per set with a photograph inside each envelope.  In each group of envelopes there would be one chosen as the tasked envelope.  I did not look at the photos in the envelopes, I just randomly chose them from a box full of envelopes before the meeting.  I asked each group, while holding up their set of envelopes, to describe on paper the photograph/event depicted in the target envelope.  Again, each group gets its own set of 4 randomly chosen, unknown to any of us, envelopes.  One of those envelopes is the tasked target for them to Remote View.  They do not get to touch the envelopes until AFTER the sessions and analysis and feedback are provided.  They go off, each group to a separate room to do their RV session however they see fit to do  that.  I hang back with the sets of envelopes, and while they are silently doing their sessions, I flip a coin twice to chose the one envelope from the set of four.  Two coin flips provides 4 possible options.  I then write down the envelope number for each set and put that piece of paper in my notebook where it won't be seen.  Then the groups come back at a certain time and I give the pack of envelopes, still closed up, and the paperwork of the viewers sessions for that target, to a different group for analysis.  What I ask them to do is to open the envelopes and lay the photos out on a table, then take the writing and drawings done by the viewers and rank each of the 4 photos from closest match to the data to least match to the photo.  So each group analyzes another group's work, deciding which of the potential targets is most accurately described by the remote viewing session data.  They write down their ranking of most described (#1) to least described (#4) and we all get back together.  Then I shuffle the now closed envelopes in each set, and pull out the envelope that was the tasked target for each set, and I compare that number with the ranking numbers the analysis groups provided.  Of the 3 groups of viewers, we had 2 #1's and 1 #2.  In other words, two of the groups hit the nail on the head, and the other group was off by one.  We did this same type of viewing/analysis/ranking many months ago and did not have such stunning results.  This time was different, their success surprised me.  This was not a controlled experiment, but you have to be impressed with their work.

What "caused" the group to do so well?  Was it my exciting and informative Powerpoint presentation at the beginning of the meeting discussing the Remote Viewing experience?  Probably not.... Was it our review of the many different CRV courses/process that have evolved since the Government RV program was declassified?  Doubtful.  I think a lot has to do with the group dynamic that has been evolving over the many meetings, where we are getting to know and trust and rely on each other as we share our experiences and our knowledge.  Its an environment that is as laid-back as it is serious about what we are up to, whether or not we had success in our RV sessions, we still had a valuable time at the meeting for a dozen other reasons.  If this is something you want to participate in, I hope you will join us at the next meeting on September 21st.  If you want to be on the Remote Viewing mailing list, drop me a line a  I look forward to hearing from you, and I hope to see you at our next get-together.
-- Benton Bogle

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