Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The people part of Parapsychology

The human being is designed from millions of years of natural selection to be function as an interpersonal animal.  Two news stories caught my eye this week and point out the biological foundations of our spiritual and technological advancement.  One is the news that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's policy change for employees to be at work with each other, and the other is from Sheila M. Eldred's blog regarding love and the paranormal (

Now you find yourself as an average person and you have probably experienced some ESP type of event, maybe deja vu, some synchronicity, seen a ghost, had a precognitive dream, the list could go on of events that mainstream science dismisses as some illusion or imagination.  And more than likely, these strange occurrences involved people close to you, a good friend, a family member.  They involved a relationship, someone important in your life. 

Many people debating Marissa Mayer's decision to change the Yahoo policy point out how valuable interpersonal interaction is to successful enterprises.  We have to agree that its a fact that human beings are interpersonal animals.  There is no human being alone, we evolved and currently flourish in a world that requires one-on-relationships, its a one-on-one universe we live in.  Our economy, our society exist because our subconscious minds are working on relationships.  The very definition of human, of economy, of society, is about relationships.  How you think, what you think about, how you measure yourself and your world, is done amidst an environment that requires relationships.  So your brain and your mind are designed for relationships, for one-in-one co-creation of civilization and your survival with it.  The human mind has evolved in the environment of relationships. 

So of course we can expect actual interaction to help creativity, work dynamics, and initiative.  All the cues, all the environmental variables that humans have adapted to, are put into action in the interpersonal event.  Even in our high tech, information age, most of the talk is about social media.  We reach out and try to find new tools to improve our surviving and thriving, but we still have to work with the full set of shared, human traits that brought us here, which is the face-to-face relationship. 

Access to PSI information is an evolved trait in animals, just as are the interpersonal social structures in the human subconscious.  Your mind is constantly searching for and utilizing subliminal information, some of which are PSI obtained.  Normally, your unconscious is picking up on sensory cues and sending out information unconsciously that benefit from and contribute to the interpersonal environment, and some of that information is PSI info. 

And of course we would expect love and romance and friendship to receive the bulk of PSI help, they are the primary interpersonal relationship that natural selection has to work with.  So if the human, interpersonal environment has evolved in humans, then we would expect PSI information would first show up to improve and involve those most instrumental to our survival.  The literature is chocked full of examples of the importance of relationships in PSI events.  The experimenter effect, sheep/goats effect, the decline of success in PSI testing, and many other phenomenon show the importance of the interpersonal in PSI events.  Even Dr. Bem's recent studies that found that sexual content of the targets had a strong effect on successful PSI make this clear.  This is just what you'd expect to see if PSI perception is about relationships, as sexual interaction is quite interpersonal and often factors strongly in the process of natural selection.

Both news stories bring us back to the recognition that we are not just social animals, but interpersonal, relationship animals, and that is how our minds work.  Whether we are running a successful organization, or working to scientifically understand the functioning of the unconscious mind processes that allow our human lives to exist, we are doing it with the strongly evolved traits of a human, relationship based creature.

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