Thursday, April 30, 2009

Remote Viewing Anyone?

Remote viewing is a controlled form of PSI funtioning that can be learned. Similar to much earlier research on "thought transferrence" by the Rhines, Rene Warcollier and the Sinclairs, what we call Remote Viewing was developed by the US military as a response to similar programs in the Soviet Union. A secret program was created to bring together scientists in the field to develop defenses against foreign "psychic spys" and to establish our own data gathering abilities.

Scientists and military personnel who had been screened for "psychic abilities" were established as a team, and over the decades from the 1970s through the mid 1990s, and under various names and funding sources, the group established protocols for gathering information and for training such skills. Since the projects ended in 1995, and due to declassification of much of the information on the program, many of the former government Remote Viewers have written books, started training programs of their own, and have discussed the science of Remote Viewing in the public media.

Remote Viewing is something you can learn to do, and its a lot of fun. Training is of course available, but free information from books and websites is plentiful, and with some practice you can develop your own Remote Viewing skills.

Benton Bogle works regularly with a website dedicated to learning Remote Viewing, and he says he is shocked almost on a daily basis by the incredible Remote Viewing skills shown by the participants there. The science of Remote Viewing is still quite young, and much is yet to be learned about it, but the techique and process of Remote Viewing is something you can learn with practice.

You can visit the site at Remote Viewing and Dowsing Community RV Web Forum (not affiliated with the Rhine Research Center), or if you are interested in a more hands-on experience, Benton Bogle is organizing a small group of remote viewers to meet regularly for practice at the Rhine Center. See the notice below.

Interested in Remote Viewing Practice?
The Rhine Research Center is considering sponsorship of a Remote Viewing Practice Group. This group would meet regularly at the Rhine Center to do outbounder and other types of Remote Viewing that involve interaction. It would not be necessary to be trained as a Remote Viewer or to follow a particular method to participate. If you are interested in practicing Remote Viewing as a part of a small group of viewers and / or have questions, please contact Benton Bogle by email at Meetings for the group would be free of charge for RRC members, $10 for non-members.

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