Friday, April 17, 2009

Understanding Childhood Experiences Workshop

Many adults recall the puzzlement of psychic experiences from their own childhood while others are puzzled as they encounter the paranormal for the first time with their own children. Over the past few years there are increasing reports of children seeing spirits or apparitions. We hear about special psi ability of so-called “Indigo/Rainbow children” and/or of some autistic children. How should adults deal with their own childhood memories? How should parents respond to their children's reports and experiences? And how should children and teens handle their own seeming encounters with the spirit world?

On April 24th and 25th Athena Drewes will give a Friday night presentation at Stedman Auditorium, and a Saturday half-day workshop at the Rhine Center about psychic experiences in childhood. For More Information

Dr. Drewes is currently the Director of Clinical Training at a large non-profit multi-service child and family mental health agency in the Hudson Valley, north of New York City. Dr. Drewes is the senior author, with Dr. Sally A. Drucker, of the reference work, Parapsychological Research with Children: An Annotated Bibliography.
Here are some interesting examples of childhood Psi:

“My grandson is 8 years old and he is beginning to ask questions about the shapes and forms he sees more and more. He has been seeing forms since he was younger than a year old. When he was three years old he stated that “there is a little boy that stays behind my door and watches me.” A year after this, while at the grocery store I wrote a check for my purchases. The cashier noticed my address and mentioned that my home had been her grandfather’s house. I asked her if anyone had died in the house, and she said no, but that her grandfather had a 4-year-old boy that had died in a car accident. Coincidence or what? There have been several incidents like this with my grandson. I would appreciate any help or information you can provide me.”

“My name is Suzanne and I am having trouble with the paranormal. It all started when I was six, and ever since then it has gotten harder and harder for me to understand. I am now 14. I see many things including things from the past and things that are to come. Sometimes when I look at a person I see a very faint color around them and I can also tell how a person is feeling. My parents want to send me to a therapist, but I know I am not crazy. Can you help?”

“I am a child therapist and I am seeing a 3 year old girl. Her mother states that she talks to her deceased grandparents and has had other paranormal experiences since birth. She seems to be well adjusted, happy, and developmentally age appropriate. These events are not distressing to her. Are there suggestions as to how to address the mother’s concerns?”

“My daughter, Marlene is 10 years old, and has autism. Her psi experiences began as a toddler. Before she could speak she would point to the ceiling and smile and indicate that she was seeing spirits or shapes. Once she was able to talk she began to say that the shapes were angels. She can also see and communicate on some level with spirits. She says that the spirits appear as ‘thick air’ or create a warm feeling in her body. She loves animals and they all come up to her, even wild ones, and stay by her as if communicating to her.”

“I have a daughter Christina, who is 9. For a couple of months now, she has mentioned seeing a blue light outside of her bedroom, which then moves to her door. It looks as though it is floating. It makes no noise, and it changes shape. Sometimes she sees small gray objects or green and blue ones that are good. Red ones make her uncomfortable. She says she sees the lights once everyone is in bed and the lights are off. She feels they are spirits trying to communicate with her.”

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