Sunday, February 21, 2010

Remote Viewing Group Update

One of our group regulars, Scott, gave a great presentation on the relationship between Local Sidereal Time and Remote Viewing at our recent meeting. He presented the studies that have occurred over the years regarding the phenomenon and related issues, and Scott also discussed some of the theories as to why the relationship between the stars in the sky and our ESP on the ground occurs. It was fascinating, and of course initiated a great deal of discussion within the group. We also did a remote viewing session for a target Scott provided, and we had a good time discussing the processes we use to get target data.

Our next meeting will be Wednesday March 10th at 7pm in the Tanous Library there at the RRC. This will be mere days before the center hosts Russell Targ, one of pioneers in the Remote Viewing research and applications field. Both events will be a thrill to anyone interested in Remote Viewing.

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