Thursday, February 25, 2010

Targ’s notes from My Big Toe (Theory Of Everything), by Thomas Campbell

I just spent a weekend with Thomas Campbell, who is a physicist working with NASA at Huntsville. He has written a big, 800 page book called "My Big Toe," a theory of everything. He has a number of interesting and original ideas in our various fields of interest, which I have summarized below for your entertainment.
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Targ’s notes from My Big Toe (Theory Of Everything), by Thomas Campbell
Weekend workshop, Campbell, Calif., February 20-21, 2010

  • Theory and experience are both necessary for understanding. 
  • We live in a Reality, based on Physics and Matter, PMR 
  • Don’t just pay attention to the stage and the sets, there are also people. 
  • Notice the big picture. 
  • The relationship of physical reality to consciousness is fundamental. 
  • There is no objective reality. Everything is statistical. Bit to it. (John Wheeler) 
  • Reality is a digital simulation. Consciousness is information. [Empty of meaning] 
  • The purpose of consciousness is to lower its entropy and become love. 
  • Growth is essential. Evolve or die. 
  • A form of nonphysical energy exists, capable of changing itself. 
  • Consciousness is a form of nonphysical energy. Assumption One. 
  • It is not possible to describe the superset in terms of the subset. Assumption Two. 
  • [You can learn Word, but you have no access to the operating system.] 
  • Our purpose is to learn the rule set [the organizing principles] for the system. 
  • It is hard to make “the system” serve your ego, since that is not its purpose. 
  • The system wants to reduce entropy [and increase coherence]. 
  • [This can be done, but it requires energy.] 
  • Consciousness will inform quantum mechanics when consciousness is understood. 
  • Consciousness is outside of space and time. 
  • Love lowers ones entropy promoting health. 
  • Fear increases entropy, chaos tears the self apart creating illness. 
  • Ghosts, little people, and UFOs all are in an alternate reality outside of space and time. 
  • Data is spread all over the hard drive, like David Bohm’s implicate order. 
  • Our intention modifies the probability of events!


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