Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Russell Targ's Wonderful Presentation on Remote Viewing

Russell Targ's recent weekend visit to the RRC was absolutely fantastic and all you'd expect it to be. We had a huge crowd out for the Friday night event where Mr. Targ gave us a wonderful presentation on Remote Viewing and his history in the development of this skill. It was great to hear anecdotes of his experiences in the SRI and military programs, and how he interacted with some of the more famous viewers. He shared some of his insights into the nature of the phenomenon, and took lots of questions from the audience there. He showed a great sense of humor and a love for the science he talked with us about, which made his talk all the more enjoyable. Mr. Targ emphasized the way Buddhist thought sheds light on the PSI events we witness, and how important the reality of our connectedness is to our understanding Remote Viewing.

Then on Saturday Russell talked with us about the dynamics of Remote Viewing, and led us in a number of practices over the course of the day. Those of us attending received instruction from a person instrumental in the very creation of the Remote Viewing field. The different targets selected, and the varied procedures used highlighted the important considerations in any remote viewing session. We discussed the process and shared feedback on our experiences. As always in these group sessions, the shared knowledge of fellow viewers was a real boon to our learning. Russell added his own insights, gleaned from decades of experience in working with the best remote viewers in the world.

The members of the remote viewing group that meets monthly at the RRC, the staff on hand, and all the visitors from across the country in attendance shared a wonderful few days of Remote Viewing education. Mr. Targ's scientific knowledge and practical Remote Viewing skills, as well as his joy in exploring the non-local connections we share added up to a marvelous experience. Hopefully we will have him back for another visit in the future, and the Rhine Center is very grateful for the learning event he provided us. We are likewise looking forward to other Remote Viewing events in the near future, such as the PSI games on Friday, and visits from Joe McMoneagle and Dale E. Graff later this summer. Please contact the RRC soon if you are interested in these events.

- written by Benton Bogle

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