Monday, March 15, 2010

The Aftermath of Russell Targ Weekend

Dear Volunteers & Friends,

Thank you so much for your support and help to make this past weekend program with Russell Targ such a huge success. With about 100 folks on Friday evening and about 40 attendees for Saturday's all-day workshop, our volunteer operation was put to the test. . But our speaker Russell seemed extremely pleased with his first visit here with us, felt very good about his response from the audience and thanked me for the very nice party in his honor last evening. The fact that he got a standing ovation from the workshop participants last evening is a tribute to the whole operation as well as to Russell's special inspiring way of facilitating remote viewing and sharing his knowledge, wisdom and Buddhist insights with us.

Once again I thank you for your help in making this one of the most successful programs that we have sponsored at the Rhine Center in my memory.

Dear Sally,
What a magnificent weekend! Russell Targ selflessly brought his beautiful, powerful, and soothing energy to the Rhine and I know everyone was fascinated by his presentation, attracted to his persona, and attached to his colorful humor. And as for my participation in the workshop, I had great success with the experiments. He is the first teacher in 20 years who was able to dial me into his particular method of clairvoyance in a seamless and powerful manner. What a treat! My RV partner and I were thrilled!

As I watched you two together, I witnessed a bright, charged aura of intellectual/spiritual greatness -- two giants of the psi world. I'm glad you're pleased with the outcome. The standing ovation at the end of the day was not just for Russell -- it was for you as well.
--J. Roy

We'd love to hear comments from others who attended the workshop.
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