Monday, June 7, 2010

Memoirs of a Psychic Spy - A Radio Interview with Joe McMoneagle

Friday, June 04 2010 by Frank Stasio and Lindsay Thomas

For years, Joe McMoneagle was known as “Remote Viewer No. 1” during his involvement in a top-secret military program called The Stargate Project. The multi-million dollar federal program was set up to determine the potential for military use of psychic phenomena like ESP and remote viewing, the ability to gather information about unseen places or objects. The idea seems implausible, but the research project ran from the 1970s through the mid-1990s. McMoneagle has documented his experiences as a remote viewer in the book “The Stargate Chronicles: Memoirs of a Psychic Spy” (Hampton Roads/2002) and this weekend, he’ll speak to audiences at the Rhine Research Center in Durham, NC. First, he joins host Frank Stasio to talk about psychic experiments in the military and how remote viewing is used today.
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