Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Seeking participants for study on individual differences and normal and paranormal pattern detection

Participants are needed for an ongoing study (funded by the Bial foundation) which is exploring individual differences in pattern detection. The study is exploring the observation that a lot of paranormal experiences occur against a random backdrop (e.g., reading the tea leaves and "electronic voice phenomena") and there is a human tendency to find patterns (e.g., seeing shapes in clouds). This study is looking particularly for people who are definitely disbelievers in paranormal phenomena to take part.

The study consists of filling out a questionnaire and then coming to take part in a computerized study comprising a series of visual noise and auditory noise trials (some trials have targets (weak stimuli and "ESP" targets associated with them, while others will be just random noise). The computerized part of the study takes around an hour and a half to complete and participants will each be given a cinema or book voucher worth $15 to thank them for their time.
The experiment is taking place in Durham at the Rhine Research Center (2741 Campus Walk Avenue, opposite the Millennium Hotel and near to Duke's West Campus)

Please see the study website at or contact Dr. Christine Simmonds-Moore or 919 951 8916 for more information or to sign up.

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