Friday, September 10, 2010

Changing Our Universe

In a recent blog I talked about multiple minds or consciousnesses, and it is my, Rene Warcollier and scads of current parapsychological enthusiast's belief that PSI data, and other information too, comes to our waking consciousness from another consciousness. That is pretty standard fare. But what is not so typical is what I am about to suggest. As a matter of fact you may consider it a bit weird, but that is simply because your measure of weird is completely controlled by your ego-mind.

The ego mind is in charge, it is your normal, every-day consciousness that tells you who you are, and how the world works. It tells you what is weird and what is normal. It is the center from which you view the world, it is who "you" define yourself to be, and it is the point on the graph that you measure out every thing. For a much more thorough and thought provoking exploration of this idea, check out Mark Leary's book "The Curse of the Self".

It is a function of our normal waking ego-consciousness to define itself, then do everything it can to promote that self. So it is natural to note that some of the most horrifying and abhorrent things to the ego-mind are things that threaten its self-definition. The very idea of other consciousnesses sharing its space is unacceptable to the normal consciousness, and it does what it can to refute such things. As a matter of fact, look how the waking consciousness has labeled that other consciousness. We call it the "subconscious" or the "unconscious", when in fact it is quite the equal to the normal waking mind and in many ways superior, in the areas of memory, multi-functioning and creativity, not to mention PSI information. It certainly isn't "un-conscious", it seems quite aware and active and capable. We give it such unflattering names because it scares the ego-mind, along with other things like death and lack of "control". Our definition of this other consciousness, by describing it as under, below, beneath or alien to the normal mind, shows how the ego-mind wants to relate to it. But even though the ego-mind is designed to work toward greater "self definition" so it can take better biological care of itself, we limit our greater potential by alienating a real part of our psyche, and we also cut ourself off from the source of PSI data.

The history of modern psychology as a science has been one of gradually warming up to the non-ego-mind that exists in us. Many current self-help psychology books will help you "find yourself" and help you strengthen your ego-control. But others assist the reader in developing the self-assurance necessary to open up communication and friendly interaction with our other minds. My reading of the literature, and my personal experiences, as well as most religions, tell us that this consciousness that transcends the ego-mind is consciousness without selves. But this idea is so scary to the ego-mind, it mocks and fights attempts to view the universe as anything other than the product of the ego-mind. Psychology, parapsychology, and most if not all other sciences view the world through the lens of the ego-mind, and I suspect that future breakthroughs in the sciences will require a new point of reference in our understanding of consciousness and the ego-mind's place in it. When Copernicus asked his fellow thinkers to move the point of reference from earth to the sun, they struggled because it required them to change the universe. I have found that to work with Remote Viewing as we do in our monthly group, and in our daily sessions, we benefit from changing our minds, and in doing so, changing our universe. The associate consciousness in each of us is accessible, and it is there that the PSI data we are looking for is to be found. With a little patient, persistent and careful effort, just like you build a relationship with another, you can improve your communication with this associate-consciousness.
-- Benton Bogle

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