Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Can Consciousness Comprehend Its Own Mechanics?

I wrote previously about the difficulty of studying a phenomenon with the phenomenon itself, in other words, "Can consciousness comprehend its own mechanics?".

We have to say "Yes" or else pull up stakes and move on to some other subject, but otherwise we really have to get a handle on how we work with the limitations inherent in this subject. My point in my last blog was that our ego-mind is designed to do one thing, and it is not naturally going to adapt to a multi-consciousness model of how perception works.

But from what I have seen, and many parapsychologists agree, along with most psychologists, that there are multiple consciousnesses at work in each of us. I have come to understand that the other consciousness seems to have different senses, what JB Rhine would describe as an Extra Sense. And again, we lump all these PSI phenomenon together as perhaps manifestations of one "Superpower of the Biomind" as Ingo Swann would call it, but in fact there may be multiple other senses in use by these other consciousness. So you are probably rolling your eyes at this point but that is precisely my point from the last blog, even suggesting such a mechanical structure for your mind is absurd, because the ego-consciousness cannot tolerate the idea. And that's as far as such speculation gets in most people.

Keeping in mind of course it could be a stupid notion, too. These blog entries of mine do not reflect the opinion of the RRC, and if you have any insight or concern you wish to provide regarding what I have written, please drop me an email at

I could be barking up the wrong tree regarding sensory modalities for other consciousnesses. Take a look at the evidence, then place it in a multi-consciousness model, and see how it fits. Please resist the temptation to take the "black box" of Parapsychology and try to fit in it black boxes from other sciences, all that does is make a bigger black box. We will be having a guest speaker at our next Remote Viewing meeting on October 15th at 7pm. This person has been developing a data gathering website for PSI testing, and will be presenting the findings as well as the ideas that the evidence has suggested. This will be a great example of studying PSI with the data of the phenomenon, and I hope you can all be there.
-- Benton Bogle

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