Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Great Visit With Gary Schwartz

One of the many wonderful things about volunteering at the Rhine Research Center is the opportunity to interact with scientists doing important work in the field of parapsychology. I had the pleasure of meeting Gary E. Schwartz, PhD last Friday evening as he talked about his most recent research and his forthcoming book "The Sacred Promise", due out in January. His experiments over years with mediums has evolved over time to the point where he is able to develop strong research design, and his finding are amazing, and full of potential.

When the Rhines began their research many decades ago, there was a lot of hope that their scientific skills could finally show experimental evidence of an "afterlife". Many folks had lost loved ones in the Great War and wanted to be comforted with scientific proof of a spiritual realm. There were also a tremendous number of people reporting ghostly visitation and other communications, and many of these folks came to the Rhines for answers. At the time, studying such things with proper methods and controls was extremely difficult. Things are different today, as Dr. Schwartz is now able to work with improved research design and new technology. Has he discovered evidence of the afterlife? You are encouraged to read this book and judge for yourself. I assure you his findings will inspire you, they are amazing.

I also had a brief but enlightening chat with him before his talk about what I have been blogging about recently, that is multiple consciousnesses in our mind. From my reading and experiences with many remote viewers, and from his work with mediums, evidence seems to suggest that the true location of consciousness is not in your brain. The brain is a transceiver, like a radio or TV in that it is attuned to "you". Mediums and remote viewers can get information from other consciousnesses that exist. Sometimes anyone gets bits and pieces of anomalous info we cannot place, as our normal waking minds work to filter out any information that is not "you." As I mentioned in an earlier blog, any thoughts that any part of "you" does not fit into the well defined "you" is usually quickly rejected, along with some eye rolling. But this model of consciousness goes a long way in explaining a lot of phenomena, and I look forward to boring you more with it in the future.
-- Benton Bogle

 Listen to Gary E. Schwartz, PhD  interview with Frank Stacio on The State of Things

This inspiring talk led to much discussion afterwards at the reception.

Many people had questions for Gary E, Schwartz.

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