Sunday, March 29, 2009

Accessing Your Right Brain for Peace and Security in a Turbulent World

An experiential evening of training your right-left brain pathways with Donna Spring Gulick, local intuitive counselor

Friday April 3rd 2009
7:30 – 9:00pm
at the Stedman Auditorium

In our culture dominated by left hemispheric brain functions, we constantly organize, analyze, compare, future and judge. Discover the joy and wonder you'll feel in your right brain's domain.
- Understand the spiritual function of your brain's right hemisphere
- Map your way out of worry, anger, fear and self-defeating thought patterns
- Learn and practice techniques that switch off negative mind-loops
- Shift to right brain's peace and clarity any time, anywhere – instantly

Techniques taught come from Donna's background, and from the renowned Brain Physiologist, Jill Bolte Taylor, who experienced loss and re-building of her left brain, when in her late 30's. Recommended read before or after, Jill's book, My Stroke of Insight or watch the video below.

Donna Spring Gulick, M.A. who began spiritual teaching in her teens, has now served full-time as an intuitive counselor, spiritual director, teacher, healer and speaker for over 27 years. Previously, she worked as a speech pathologist with adult stroke patients and in speech therapy for children. Donna conveys universal truths that serve us in the interweaving of the scientific, the sacred and the practical. She lovingly inspires conscious healing and empowerment on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Her humorous but deeply inspirational talks and workshops at conferences, churches and universities inspire and motivate people toward personal consciousness transformation.

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