Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Conversation with Donna Gulick

Did you have any PSI experiences as a child or teenager?
In childhood, I talked often to nature spirits (which I called fairies).
As a teenager, while lost in a hailstorm and badly hurt, I had a life-saving visitation from an Angel, which gave me faith and a trust of Spirit that has pervaded my life.

What were the experiences that made you "a believer"?
As an adult of age 32, with a Masters Degree and two decades of full-time work in Speech Pathology, I began to experience healing that flowed through me to others - starting with my husband during his hospitalization. Surgery was averted, and the experience of being in a cocoon of love and warmth and peace that we both received during these "sessions" began to transform our lives.

Within four years, I found myself morphed into an intuitive spiritual counselor. The process began as baby steps, became a fast walk, and then a run that left me breathless. It went like this:

At first, we simply resumed life with three small children, work, and Dave's returned health. However, when one of us was hurt we put hands and intention to healing and marveled at the results.

Three years later, I began to have healing experiences with friends that included information I had no way of knowing. That frightened me and certainly got my attention. I then sat at the typewriter in the early mornings, starting with prayer and asking to receive whatever I needed to know (including whether to turn off this spigot of experiences if it was coming from my ego). I received a teacher in Spirit who came through in meditation and gave me "lessons" in how to listen to Spirit, receive from the highest levels of vibration, avoid spam etc.

I listened, learned and applied these messages to daily life with three small children and my husband, plus part time work.

Was this something that was accepted in your family? How have family members responded to your work as an intuitive counselor?
My husband was supportive when I thought I was crazy. My friends encouraged me when I doubted myself. My rather open-minded birth family was a bit dubious that I could do it, but soon were very excited and asking for help for themselves. If one parent, in particular, didn't like something that came through Guidance, I was told, "You got the wrong guides today."

Have there ever been times when you doubted yourself, your abilities, or even the whole idea of being an intuitive?

When the teacher in Spirit told me to do spiritual intuitive guidance with other people, I argued for several months. Finally, I said, "I'll announce this at two groups - a meditation group and a Course in Miracles Group. If no one comes, I'll know this came from some personality glitch in me. If people come, I'll have to trust that Spirit pouring through me will give them the help they need."

Within three months I needed to quit my other jobs, and do intuitive counseling and healing full time. That was over 26 years ago. I am humbled and thankful every day to be able to love and serve in this way.

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