Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dowsing and Remote Viewing

Dowsing and Remote Viewing are close cousins, many of the former government RVers are dowsers, too, and many of the techniques and skills used in dowsing can be applied to Remote Viewing. So its natural that the Remote Viewing group decided to look into this dowsing phenomenon to see what we could learn. A couple of the members of the group prepared and presented us all information on the history, skills and application of dowsing at the most recent RV meeting. We just scratched the surface of all that we could learn about this ancient skill, but it was surely enough to whet our appetites to learn more.

Like other practices that are working with intuition and “non-conscious” information, dowsing requires a lot of practice and experience to become a useful tool. We were interested in learning more about dowsing because it is so similar to Remote Viewing, and can be applied to Remote Viewing. Discussing dowsing also was a great stepping off point for lots of valuable discussion within the group on the nuances of working with intuitive information. As usual, it was the shared insight on experiences and practices that made our meeting worthwhile for those of us there. We discussed pendulum dowsing as well as the use of dowsing rods. We were able to practice this skill, and many of the techniques required were presented.

My point here is to encourage you to come join our monthly Remote Viewing group, it’s a place to learn about the how-to and the experiential parts of the practice you just are not going to get off the internet or on your own. Over the years, I learned a ton of information from reading and gleaning what I could off the internet, and I attended lectures and workshops on Remote Viewing. But having a regular get-together with folks you can rely on, who know what you are talking about but also have read and experienced other things that you can learn from, makes a world of difference. I am regularly impressed with new information and ideas that I did not know was out there, and I come away from each meeting better informed, energized to try new things, and with another addition to that growing pile of “must read” books. Most folks in the group come from other interests, and want to learn about Remote Viewing to add another tool to their toolbox. I encourage you to do the same, and we look forward to seeing you at the next meeting on July 20th.
-- Benton Bogle

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