Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer 2011 edition of the Rhine Research Center’s quarterly newsletter

Dear friends,

We are proud to bring you the summer, 2011 edition of the Rhine Research Center’s quarterly newsletter.

In this newsletter, we have a feature article by Lee Pantas, “The Synchronicity of the Two Octopuses,” illuminating the often overlooked connection between art and precognition. Most people understand easily how dreaming and states of reverie are often conducive to precognitive hits; it is therefore no surprise to realize that the right-brained, timeless state one enters during the process of creating art might lead to precognitive productions, often unbeknownst to the artist! See for yourself.

Congratulations to our Senior Research Fellow, Christine Simmonds-Moore, and her husband Steve Moore on the June 7th birth of their son, Leif Athan Rhane Simmonds-Moore!

We also have our regular “Psi Chronicles” column, by executive director Sally Rhine Feather, Ph.D., outlining a case of macro-PK or psychokinesis; we have an article discussing the well-known “decline effect” in science and how parapsychology might shed light on something that mystifies scientists in other fields; and we have reviews of a parapsychology documentary, an iphone app for practicing your psychic ability, and a book by William Bengston, Ph.D., arguably the most innovative and reliable voice in the field of energy healing today.

Additionally, the last page of the newsletter for a summary of the upcoming events at the Rhine. We have so many well-known, interesting speakers coming in the next few months; I would hate for you to miss out!


- Jennifer Moore, editor

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