Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jerry Lazarus on Dreams

Dreams are something we all can relate to, they are a part of all our lives. Jerry Lazarus came to the Stedman Center on Friday night and gave a fascinating and enjoyable talk about dreaming.

Drawing from his own decades of experience studying and working with dreams, and providing many examples from his recently published book "Dreams: Listening to the Voice of God", he gave all the folks there at his talk many valuable ways to work with their own dreams.

Jerry enthusiastically shared with us insights, anecdotes and practical suggestions based on his work with Edgar Cayce's trove of dreamwork, and from the great dream interpreters of the Bible's old testament. I have been fortunate to work more with my own dreams recently, and have set about to learn all I could about the topic, so I was excited to go hear Mr. Lazarus speak, and eager to hear new information on dreamwork.

Jerry had some new insights for me, that's for sure, but his emphasis on some simple things to do regarding our dreams, and his love for this topic were the real stars of his presentation. Of course he covers this most thoroughly in his book, but he wanted us to know that dreaming is about communicating, about learning and working with the central voice always available to us. If you were there at his talk, you had to be impressed by his joy for the subject, and you learned a lot. He sent us home with much to work with and an enthusiasm for new gifts our dreams may provide us.
---Benton Bogle

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